Its just one of those mornings.

This story has a really nice premise and I enjoyed the ‘introductory’ part. But I’ve continued reading and the conflict is solved around chapter 5, and now in chapter 8 I don’t know why I’m still here and have to force myself a little, because it all tastes sickly sweet and corny. The plot doesn’t seem to be moving along, it’s stuck in Bells giggling and Jace showing PDA.

This is a recent comment on Swoon Reads, on my book Nothing Between Us. I don’t care if you find it “sickly sweet and corny”! I like writing sweet romances. I am trying to see if people would read it, but I am not trying to impress people, nor am I forcing them to read my work.

We all have our preferences. I, personally, love when a boy shows PDA to his girl and makes her giggle. There is nothing wrong with that. I wrote Nothing Between Us with ME in mind. No one else. There is more than one conflict in this story, you take the time to get passed chapter 8, you would know that.

If you don’t like a certain detail in my work, you don’t have to read it. I won’t hold it against you. You have your preference, I have mine. It shows in my writing. I’ve been told that people reflect what they like in their work. It is more than obvious in my case and I am not one to force my work on anyone.

It’s quite simple, if what you have to say will, most likely, insult the author, don’t say it.