So, the Kindle Scout campaign, for Romeo’s Sneakers, ended the other day. Here is where I get most nervous.

Romeo’s Sneakers was in the Hot&Trending category for the final 20 hours of the campaign. That’s impressive, considering I was not expecting it to be on that list at all. It had so many page views on its final day of campaign. I was so surprised. I am so nervous. I have no idea what to expect. I nominated my own novel on the last few hours.

The bad news. Tragedy. I feel anguished. My brothers were goofing off a little while ago and as many times as I told them to knock it off, they didn’t listen.

My tablet (the only thing that allows me to keep up with my reading e-books) was sitting on the arm of our couch, charging. I walked away for literally two minutes to put on a movie. My brothers continue to goof off when I hear a loud crash and turn around.
My tablet. On the floor. Screen completely cracked and frozen on lockscreen.
The only thing going through my mind right now is all the blog tours I have coming with in the next couple of weeks and I will have to write those coordinators/publicists and try to work something out, because although my laptop can be used to catch up in reading, my hours are cut short because my sister uses my laptop to d her stuff (because she doesn’t have a laptop anymore, and also, my dad’s broke this morning).
I hate having to tell someone that I can’t keep my word. I hate it. I never use the word hate, but today I have to use it. I HATE having to tell someone that I cannot keep my word. These were blog tours that I have been looking forward to. I wanted to read these books. Its hard to read on my laptop, it was the reason I bugged my mom about keeping the tablet my older brother sent in the first place.