Well, I’ll tell you!

Firstly, I mentioned that Romeo’s Sneakers was not selected for publication with Kindle Press (Kindle Scout). And that is fine because I was not sure I wanted my first published book to be with them. Now, Entangled TEEN is more my speed. I submitted my manuscript to them just before the weekend and now I am just playing the Waiting Game again.

On another note, I once spoke about Swoon Reads. Well, I had two manuscripts up there. I also spoke about how I was not too keen on some feedback I was getting there, but I got to thinking that it is not all bad. Swoon Reads’ next deadline is Oct. 10th, so I am going for it again. Now . . . Technically, Pictures of You has 20 yr. old protagonists, but it is appropriate for the YA crowd. I would know, I wrote it.

swoonreadsSo, I uploaded Pictures of You to Swoon Reads and I am just going to play the waiting game there too. If you would like to help me out and read it. Leave comments and ratings . . . CLICK HERE.

Next update is that I am working through my Hearts of Gold series . . . stories. I am revising Seeking Shelter, and I am realizing that it will only be novella length. As will be Escaping Reality. And that is not a bad thing. Also, I changed up a character in Seeking Shelter. I changed his name, but not his appearance, not too much. I feel that there is a really good moral that can be shared with this. People can change when they choose to change. Here is a teaser. Daniel.png
Meet Daniel. Daniel is my main character’s best friend, but they have not seen each other in years. This will not be the last time you see him, but it will be for a while. This dude was shirtless. I put the shirt on him. Sorry, but I do still believe in some decorum.

Black Sunshine is going to be complete this Thursday! I am so excited because I will get to start sharing Black KeysI might have to fix up the ending, but Black Keys is ready to go! Well, that is all for now. I promise that I will start writing updates again. Things got a little crazy and . . . I didn’t really have much to update about. Anyways, yeah. See ya around!

P.S. Sorry for this post going up so early, but it was the only way I would get it up.