So, I am sure by now everyone has heard about the island-wide blackout in Puerto Rico. I won’t be talking about that.

I am having one of those days expressed in the above quote. It almost feels like deja vu, because this happened when I first began writing. A couple weeks ago, I went to my shelf looking for a specific story. One involving mermaids and foxes. (Not literally, metaphorically.) Okay, this is almost the complete story. I actually have had this idea for a while. I did go to my shelf though, thinking the story was there.

Cover by: Toobigofadreamer

Out of that little brain-fart moment, I got this. It is not a fairytale retelling of any kind. It is just a simple short story that titles my collection idea. All the shorts will follow a theme and will interconnect. I am already just about midway done writing Marry Me, Mermaid, the first short story. The next one . . . I haven’t worked that one out yet, but I do have some idea of what it would be about.

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