Hey everyone! Yeah, I know. I’ve been slacking a bit in the updating my site. But truth be told: there was not much to tell. But now I am going to give you the load down on what I have been up to and fill you in on what you already know.

The second book in my Russian fairytale-like series, Tsvetok, is just about finished. I am merely writing the epilogue. Which means the third book is going to be starting soon. I’ve already updated the book pages, so it should be in there now. I haven’t a description yet, and I think I won’t write one until I know for sure where the story is headed. It will be following one of the Estella and Daniyel’s sons. We meet him briefly in the second book, but he doesn’t really talk or anything. The reason I chose him is because the fairytale I am using as influence is Snow White, and a lot of the re-tellings I’ve read (like four) the prince’s name is Gabe, Gabriel. So, Gabriyel is the prince in this story. The “princess” character, she’s not royalty. At least, I don’t think so right now.

I’m participating in NaNoWriMo this year, again. If you would like to know what I will be working on, visit my NaNo blog HERE. I’ve already posted a few things about my coming project and will be updating more when the challenge starts.

Romeo’s Sneakers is almost completely posted on Wattpad, which is making me . . . I want to cry! *takes deep breath* Okay, I’m good now. After it didn’t go so well with Kindle Scout, I submitted the manuscript to my favorite publisher and it is currently in the review stage. I don’t know how long that will take, but in any case, I did it. Just gotta keep waiting.

On another note, Black Keys is slowly being updated. Black & Blues is currently on hold in the writing process. I stopped around midway, a couple months ago, because I came to a fork in the road. And pretty much . . . the story can go one of two ways: I can stop following Eric’s story and he can start telling Jacks’ story (which he kind of already is). Or I can continue with wherever Eric is headed and  . . . have my heart broken. Because my original idea involves more than the original heart break. Going to be thinking about that.

Hearts of Gold stand-alone novels (and novellas) are . . . let’s just say I haven’t moved too much with them. Escaping Reality has been reduced to novella size. The reason, I feel the story coming to its end. I’ve been sticking with my original plan. Everything is going smoothly, I just need to keep going.

I’ve got other Hearts of Gold plans, but until I can clarify them, I’m not working on them.