Um . . . How does one reply to a comment like this?: It is seriously the only negative comment I’ve ever received on this one story, Pictures of You.

“I’m not even 20% and I don’t really know what to say. Lets start with the worst:
1) There was no suspense leading up to the car crash, or after it. The book just starts out with Ebony dying, and then her wondering how ‘he’ found her. Then BAM, and she’s recovering with a band-aid on her face. AND, it’s super confusing: does she have a scar or not? The doctor says, and I quote “Oh, it’s healing nicely. I think it is safe to say that you may or may not scar” WHAT?! Then everyone else is all negative, and Ebony gets a skullcap (which I have no clue what it is, but APPARENTLY her weird friend has a hidden stash of them)
2) Ebony and whats-his-face, have a super odd relationship, they’re going to be friends until marriage? Why? Why not just stay friends? I’m wondering what’s going on
3) There were almost no contractions (I think I’ll die if I see one more ‘I am, it is, we will, do not, etc.’), it makes the whole tone of the book change. No offence, but so far, it kinda sounds like a religious grandma wrote it
4) What the heck happened with Ebony’s ex? She gets in a car crash, partially due to him, but then we get no info on what happened?!
4) How old are they? They keep talking about how Merrick’s (is that his name?) parents want him to be a lawyer or doctor, but he had bad grades at community college, and how Merrick was ‘a rebellious teenager’
5) They’re all ridiculously religious; I’m agnostic, but I go to a Catholic school, and NO ONE there is this devote. At one point, Merrick’s parents say that he and Ebony can’t be friends anymore… (I’m gonna rant right here) SO THEY FREAKING SAY, and I quote, “Mom, Merrick has to obey his parents, whether they are right or wrong, right?” (that was Ebony talking, and her mom responds,) “Yes, that is what the Bible tells us.” WHAT. THE. HECK. But wait, it gets worse, her mom continues: “You must obey your parents, whether what they intend is right or wrong.” WHAT IF THEY’RE ABUSIVE AND THEY TELL YOU TO JUMP IN FRONT OF A TRAIN?! ACCORDING TO THIS YOU WOULD HAVE TO ‘OBEY’ THEM!
6) The whole story so far has seemed forced, like the someone read it and said ‘wait you need a backstory, you can’t just start off with the main conflict’ so the author was like… OK! Will do!
7) Nothing so far has had any impact on the plot line. I don’t know how this book is going to be able to develop into anything worth reading
8) Where’s the plot line?! Maybe because I’m not that far into the book, I can’t really get a sense of the conflicts, but everything so far, has resolved itself. I’ll die if the main conflict is that they can’t be friends anymore because of Merrick’s parents
9) Neither Ebony or Merrick are at all relatable. Mainly because they have unrealistic conflicts, and because of their questionable age.
The only thing that I’ve liked about the book is the cover. That’s it. Really.”
 I just don’t know what to say or do.