Hey all! So . . . Yeah, strike what I said in my last update and open your minds to what I am about to say next.

Pieces of Us is three books. And yes, the characters still connect. Sudden revelation when trying to come up with a few ideas for Pieces of You. I thought about it for quite a bit before coming to resolve that Ava (from Pieces of You) has an older brother who has his own story to be told.

In truth, the real reason I even thought of a third book is because Limitless Publishing is accepting submissions. I happen to do cover reveals, blitzes and tours with books from them often and I like what they have going. I figured, why not give them a try? I keep checking my email though. I’m anxious and nervous and excited. I’m supposed to wait at least four weeks before sending a follow-up email, if they don’t contact me first.

So yeah.