They ask you to send the rest of the story.

When you are up late reading because you blog about book and you have a few ARCs to finish, and you just finished a 5STAR read. How do you react to an email you were not expecting to see for at least another few weeks?

I sent the first four chapters of my NaNoWriMo novel, Pieces of Me, to Limitless Publishing just 8 days ago. Last night, right when I was preparing to head to bed (after double checking my emails because I had been waiting for an e-book gift code. Like everyone, I have all my email accounts set up in my Kindle. There is only one email account that I recently set up for the purpose of sending inquiries to publishing houses, agents, etc. It never receives messages because I haven’t used it all but once.

Last night, there was a message. Limitless Publishing submissions team requested the rest of my manuscript. Yeah. There was that. So, I basically sat awake for a few more hours, trying to calm my overly excited heartbeat. This is just another stepping stone, but they are interested! 😀 It’s exciting and unnerving at the same time.

Just moments ago, I sent the complete manuscript. Let’s see what they think.