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Author Rant: Things I do while playing the waiting game.

If you guys remember my last post, you know that I had sent the manuscript of my novel Pieces of Me, to Limitless Publishing. They replied 8 days after my first submission asking for the complete manuscript. About a week to ten days later, I got a rejection letter. 

I was a bit heartbroken, but not entirely because they did say to submit to them again in the future. They are just looking for more romantic suspense right now. Obviously, that’s not what I’m writing. So, after telling my self-proclaimed PA (my amazing friend who inspired this novel in the first place), pulled myself together and sent the manuscript to a few more publishers. I will keep two of those names under wraps for now, but the third was Swoon Reads. If you are on that website, add my novel to your reading list. Comment, give ratings. It would really help to get my novel noticed and I would really appreciate it if you did.

If there is one thing we all do not enjoy, it’s the waiting game. And right now, I’m playing that game. It’s only been about a week since I sent my manuscript to two publishers. Swoon Reads was only just uploaded this afternoon, due a bug they had for a while. So I didn’t get back when they were looking for new submissions, but that doesn’t mean they won’t notice right now. The other two publishers are my top favorites. I’ve read and reviewed many books from/for them and my writing style very much like the books one of these houses publishes, so we’ll see.

What are some things I am doing to play the waiting game?
I am doing a lot of writing. You know that I jumped right into writing another book that coincides with Pieces of Me, but follows a pair of completely different characters. I’ve been playing around with what I would like to see happen and I even changed up the “series” title which is now called Pieces. Due to the three novels having the word “pieces” in their titles, but also because Pieces of Us as the series title and a novel title . . . I know some authors do that, I know I’ve done it, but I don’t see myself doing that for these stories.

I’ve been working on writing left and right, basically. I don’t think I can say that I’ve done anything else. Book blogging (reading/reviewing) aside. Nothing else. That is not a bad thing. I see it as helping me to write faster and get stories out quicker.

Speaking of quicker stories. Inspired by conversations I’ve had with the friend I mentioned above, I am nearly done writing a short story called The Captain and His Lady. I recently changed the title from what is now the blurb. “We were pirates, and foxes, and best friends.” This is short story about best friends, childish games, growing up and most of the firsts. And I mean it about the conversations. This story is full of the crazy roleplays and silly games me and my best friend have. So check that out if you would like to know how I act with the people I hold dear to me. Just remember that this is from my child-like heart. My friend is totally more mature than me. Shout-out to Fox. You know who you are, and I know you will probably read this.

So, that’s all for now. I’m gonna try and be more active on here again. I just don’t think I have much to update you about. It’s been the same news for a while. Have a good evening/morning/afternoon. ❤


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