Hey everyone! This is starting to become a good habit, yes? New posts every few days, like I used to. We’re getting there. 

What to do when you don’t know what to do:
Don’t panic. Remain calm. Do not let your shot of espresso make you hyper. Talk to your friends. Let them know what you’re struggles are and hear what they have to say.

fashion-new-5d-diy-diamond-painting-embroidery-fox-family-needlework-mosaic-pictures-of-rhinestones-crafts-material-jpg_640x640A few weeks ago, when I got the rejection letter, the first person I told was my BFF (and self-proclaimed PA). He heard me out, and then turned everything around, helped me get back on my feet and I sent my novel to more publishers.

Like today. I got another rejection letter. From a publisher I really like. More than Limitless. A repeat of last time. My BFF is the first one I go to. I showed him the letter, and what does he tell me? “Don’t be sad. Keep trying.” I admit being really disappointed. And as usual, he manages to get me to smile again. So, I’m not giving up yet.

I still have self-publishing on the back burner. I am prepared to take a step in that direction the moment I am able to afford it. I mean, it costs money for everything. Graphics designer(s), print proofs, possible interior formatter for both the print and the e-book. Everything costs money. No matter I decide to do, I am gonna need to spend money. But to spend, you gotta have it. So, I’m working on ways to make my money work for me, and not me for the money.