It’s a new week. And can you believe how quickly this month went by? Too quickly, if you ask me. Let’s get this going. 

I have plans to clean up this blog/website. Rearrange the pages and organize them a little differently. Because I am trying to find my way and my style. I’ve kept this website this way for a LONG time, because I like it. But now, I want to try something different. Changes will not be happening right away, but I have them in mind.

You have all heard me say that I have a wild imagination. I tend to get ideas that I will either work on right away, work on later, or never even bother to look into. I woke up this morning with a vague memory of a story idea I had wanted to try my hand at writing. So . . Let’s see if I can tell you a bit about it.

Dystopia. Post apocalyptic. Zombie-feel, but no zombies. Dr. Frankenstein’s monster, but no monster and no horror, and no real paranormal element whatsoever. Just the feel.

I know. It probably makes no sense. But I figure this will help me write something out of my usual genre (comfort zone), and challenge me to be more adventurous. I know a certain, crazy BFF/PA who would totally have my back and let me know if I am being absurd. I haven’t told him this idea yet, because I haven’t thought of it much. But now I am, I definitely plan to ask his opinion.

I have been trying to pull back out my Russian novellas to work on them. The King’s Horse  (spin-off) has some chapters written, but I am still trying figure out where the story will go and if it will just revolve around the prince and his horse-companion, or if it will follow the prince and his path to becoming a great Tsar.

My Black series is coming to a close on Wattpad. I decided to post Epilogue part 1 of Black Keys this morning, and I will be posting part 2 on Friday. My hope is to get motivated to finish Black & Blues so that I can start sharing Eric’s story. The prequel and other bonuses are . . . they are all started, I just need good motivation to keep writing them.

The Hearts of Gold companion series is probably not going to go too much further. I am nearly finished with Seeking Shelter and Escaping Reality. I don’t really know if I will stick to my plan of writing all those other stories like I wanted, but maybe they can be shorter. I want to edit and revise Scarred Hearts and Pictures of You. They are some of my favorite stories that I’ve written and I want to make them better. I don’t know when or how, but I will.

I think that is all for now. If I come up with more news that should have been included in this post, I will be sure to tell all of you. See you soon!