Hello! It’s Sunday again. I’ve got a something on the brain, and I gotta get it out. Bear with me.

So, In my last few posts, I mentioned my several attempts to send my Pieces of Me manuscript to a few publishers. I am going to say who they were, what feedback I’ve received, and then I will get into Having Multiple Options.

I sent my manuscript to Limitless Publishing in January. They told me it wasn’t what they’re looking for, because they are seeking romantic suspense plots. After getting that rejection letter, I sent my manuscript to Georgia McBride Media Group, hoping they might consider my novel for their YA/NA Contemporary imprint Swoon Romance. At the same time, I sent my novel to Entangled TEEN. EntangledTEEN sent me a rejection letter. On Valentine’s Day. Yeah, so what was already bummer of a day became an even more gloomy day.

I went straight to my BFF/PA, relayed the rejection letter, and from there I uploaded my novel to Swoon Reads. I have not received much feedback. And that can be discouraging. But I am not pulling it down just yet. There are around 20 people who have added my novel to their reading list, and only one reader has actually finished reading. So . . .

Today, I realized that there is another publisher that I have reviewed for and they have published some of my favorite authors (Estelle Maskame, Ali Novak, Julie Cross, to name a few), and . . . Yeah. Why not try Source Books? Sourcebooks Fire would be the imprint I end up with, since my book is . . . a mix of YA/NA? I don’t know for sure. My characters would be considered NA, but the plot is very YA. I’ve gone around asking how I should classify my novel, but I never get a straight answer because NO ONE writes this way. So, I’ve sent my question to their FAQ center. Hopefully, they will answer me within 24-48 hours. The BFF/PA is waiting right alongside me. Told me to tell him what they reply.

I am considering going the Kindle Scout road again. I tried with Romeo’s Sneakers, but it didn’t work out and that novel needs a lot more work before it is suitable for any sort of submission.

So, with all this said, you should have more than one option at your disposal. Entangled TEEN and Limitless both told me that if I planned to revise my manuscript, to wait six months and then resubmit. That’s great and all, but what if I don’t want to revise my manuscript? What if I don’t want to make too many changes? These are all things I have had to keep in consideration. If I take the traditional publishing route, these are things publishers will tell me. If I go INDIE, I don’t have to change my novel so much from its original form.

However, I will admit that it is a good thing to experience rejection letters. Not only am I building a backbone, but it is helping me to not give up on my goal. My BFF/PA helps motivate me to keep at it. I’m not giving up. Not on my goal anyway. If the traditional route stumbles downhill, I’m going INDIE.

That’s all for this post. Oh! Except that I am utterly obsessed with this song.