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Writer’s Rant:

Whelp! If I suddenly don’t appear for a while, its because my family kicked it up a notch and we’re trying to get to our new house.

If you’re wondering why that handsome specimen is staring at you, he’s not yours. He’s staring at me as a reminder to finish what I started. Some friends of mine invited me to write a fairy-tale re-telling for a box set with them. I’m writing a modern Cinderella with fantasy/magical realism. I’ve spent the majority of my weekend outlining and researching. The story would be under a different pen-name, because Hadassah Harper does not fit with fantasy. That’s my contemporary name. It’s definitely not your usual Cinderella story. That’s all I’m going to say about that for now.

I’ll see you all soon. I’ve gotta go finish putting some stuff into boxes and bags. If I’m not around next week, you know I’m just moving house. ❤


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