Good day to you! Well, all of last week, I had no internet access. The move was  . . . Eventful.

One week without WiFi? Terrible! Saturday, when the internet guy finished installing the router, I rushed to get my laptop connected. It took a while, since I’d hardly touched my laptop except to play a few card games.

Writing update: I’m trying. I planned for Cam NaNoWriMo, but with the move, and no internet, I couldn’t do anything. I started writing all my work on GoogleDocs. And I am not prepared to do the offline feature yet. So, I need internet to write anything and everything now.

The story I am trying to work on is the Cinderella re-telling for the box set with some of my buddies. I’m also going to try to work on Pieces of You. (Ayar and Ava’s story.) That’s all I am thinking about right now. At least until I have more to update about.

See ya!