Writing: Where I’ve been hiding . . .

Yeah, I know. Believe me. I know. I’ve been terrible at making updates. But could you blame me if I haven’t had reason for updates? 

I have only recently gotten my writing going again. After spending majority of April adjusting to the new house, and more than half of May sick (literally a whole week sick and another to recover), it feels good to get back in the cave. But before I talk about what I’ve been writing, here’s some news:

I entered my novel, Pieces of Me, into a writing contest on Inkitt.com
In this contest, books are selected for publication. The more people reading, rating and adding my story to their reading list, the better chance I have of it getting noticed.
Perks: Inkitt reserves 100 copies of each novel entered in the contest for readers who enjoyed the story-entry. If/when the book is published, Inkitt will send the book to the people who reserved a copy. I currently have 97 copies for Pieces of Me available. If you liked the story, please consider visiting and checking it out!

I also have Nothing Between Us in the running! If interested, I have 67 copies left! It’s going fast!

Okay, next on the agenda is my writing. I’ve been gradually writing more to Pieces of Us, which was originally going to be the last story I wrote in the Pieces stand-alone series. (I probably said this, but I’m saying it again). I wrote a long chapter last week. I also have some of my Hearts of Gold stories open. I don’t know which I will actually start writing, but I know I want to. Kyle and Emerald Harper (the twins of Kari and Jake in Escaping Reality, each have a story to tell and those are the ones I opened.

Well, that’s all I’m gonna say for now. See ya soon!


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