Writing: Crazy Idea! [CONTAINS SPOILERS]

Hey lovely peeps! I know its been a while, but I have semi-good reason. But enough of that.  [FAIR WARNING: This post will contain a few spoilers for the stories I will mention]

 aldichdanicaYou know how I’ve been writing my Pieces novels? Well, I kinda got carried away. Not only am I nearly finished with Pieces of Us, and making good progress with Pieces of You, I decided there were certain characters who needed their story told. I’m not giving them full novels. Just novellas. Here’s why:
In Pieces of Me, Danica’s brother’s best friend, Danny, falls in love with a girl named Amethyst. Before they met, Danny and Danica were always teasing and harmlessly flirting with each other. And though they didn’t really care for each other in that way, it does take a toll on Danica. They care about each other in a way that . . . I don’t know how to describe it. If neither of them had met their other half, they would have married each other and fit perfectly. I leave it at that. I may have written Danica’s story, but I cannot help wondering about Danny and what he must have been thinking when he [SPOILER ALERT] talks to Danica while she’s on her book tour and tells her that he met someone. In this moment, both Danny and Danica realize they genuinely care about each other more than they thought, but they back away and don’t pursue it. Danny falls in love with Amethyst, and Danica continues pursuing Aldrich.

ayaravaAldrich has a run in with Ayar Volpe (he doesn’t ever learn his last name, but that’s his name), twice, at his father’s hotel. This was my way of introducing Ayar, and his character was also part of a NaNoWriMo writing challenge [add a character who doesn’t remain through the entire story]. During the time Danica is on her book tour, Ayar is getting to know Ava, in Pieces of You. Both Ayar and Ava are characters I co-created with my R.L. Aldrich. We never got around to writing the story, but I couldn’t let either character be forgotten.
Ava is the younger sister of Carter Wolfe, who we meet in Pieces of Us.

I hope I’m not losing you. Please keep reading because I have yet to reach my point. *LAUGHS*

3[SPOLER ALERT] In Pieces of Us, Carter reunites with his high school best friend, Colleen. Or Dolly, as he loves to call her. This story starts briefly in Carter’s past and then comes to the present. Also, Colleen is Danny’s adopted sister. (Do you see where I’m going with this yet?) Pieces of Us is a second-chance at friendship, but also a bit of first love. Carter has always loved Dolly, but never realized how much until he sees her again.
Jackson is a character that had once been both Carter and Colleen’s best friend in high school. But he and Colleen have a fall-out which sends her hiding. This is only a novella. I am making so much progress and nearly done writing it.
Okay, you’ve made it to my main point. *SQUEAKS*

I may have created these stories, but they are leaving me with so many questions. How does Danny feel after telling Danica about Amethyst? What does Danica’s brother, Charlie, think about the bantering that passes between his sister and best friend? And will Jackson ever fix things between him and Colleen?

6Last night, I was fixing the Pieces of Us cover to say “NOVELLA” while thinking about these questions. I was also in the middle of writing a very important scene that consists of Colleen and Jackson. Hence the cover you now see here. >>>>> Pieces of Them is not just about Jackson, its also going to be about what remains in his heart from Carter and Colleen.

Gabbi was a random character I created (though never used) while outlining Pieces of Me. I didn’t know if I would use her, I simply liked the idea of who she was. I planned to introduce her in Pieces of Us (in the chapter I’m writing) as the younger sister of the fiancée of Carter’s friend, James. (No, they won’t have a story, since I am already telling it in this one.)

I have had ideas for writing Charlie and Danny a story. I have the notes within my NaNoWriMo outline for Pieces of Me, and I originally thought I’d write them as short stories in one novella/novel. Charlie and Danny start dating twin sisters. But I haven’t found the right images for what I’m looking for, so the following Wattpad covers are just mock-ups. Their titles, obviously, follow suit with the others, but there is a bit more meaning to them.

Pieces of Him, Charlie & Amber. As short and sweet as I plan for it to be, Amber has a bit of a past. She and her twin sister, Amethyst, come from a good family, but it’s just their mom. Here is where I stop giving spoilers, because I want to keep the rest of this a surprise.

Pieces of Her, Danny & Amethyst. This is pretty much all of Danny’s thoughts, a little bit of his parents almost-divorce (Mentioned in Pieces of Me, written as Aching Heart), and a little bit more of Colleen’s hiding.

That’s what I want to say about my writing. Everything I said in my last post is still valid, but I go with the flow, as you know. Pieces of Me is still in the running of that novel contest I mentioned a while back. If you want to reserve a copy, go ahead. But I might pull it from the contest soon. The reason being . . . a secret. I was approached the other day about my writing and I might be considering submitting this novel to a publisher again. Once I have more info on them, I might share more, or I might remain tight-lipped. We’ll see.


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