Hey lovelies! Well, so far, my writing is on track. I’ve got just over 10k words and I’m still going. Granted, I do have to work around my sister and the time she is on my laptop. But once I get going, I’ll be moving. I’m definitely at the 20% mark in my writing. I only set my goal to be 50k words.
Fun side note: I worked my dominant hand to the bone these last couple of days. I had a major surge of inspiration and I couldn’t get to my laptop because my sister had it. So, I pulled out one of my notebooks, grabbed a pen, and started writing. It wasn’t Chad’s story though. It was Dylan’s. The Danes brothers are stuck on my brain.

Though this post is on my NaNoWriMo blog, this one is extended. I’ve gotta tell y’all what else is cooking!

As mentioned in a previous post, I’m almost done writing Pieces of Us. I’m keeping it novella length, but I didn’t write that one last chapter I was planning. I wrote another three, and plan on two more, plus an epilogue. Along with this, I’ve been writing the other Pieces novellas. A story for Danny, Charlie, and Jackson. I have one chapter written for each. Yes. That’s how quickly I want to get them going. Once I get them all to about 50% complete (after NaNoWriMo, of course) I have intention of going back to the Hearts of Gold series.

If anyone who has been following this blog from the start, you will remember me talking on and on about that series. I have all the stories outlined, characters prepared. I started writing a couple of them last month. I still need to finish Seeking Shelter. I just need to figure out how to get the most important part of the story rolling.
I NEED to edit Scarred Hearts and Pictures of You. I keep putting it off and starting something new. That’s not good. If I don’t start editing/revising, I’ll never edit my other writings.
I will stop here. I’ve got some writing to do.