As you might tell, I’m bright-eyed and bushy-tailed . . . because my dad made me coffee. It’s Saturday, so my sister will be on my laptop all day. Me? I’m just stealing a couple morning hours while she’s STILL asleep. Working on a brief paragraph in the novella that follows the brother and best friend of Danica in Pieces of MePieces of Him and Pieces of Her kind of go hand-in-hand because Charlie and Danny basically tell the same story up until the middle when they meet their significant others. Except, Charlie is telling more about living with the grandparents and the heartbreak it gives him to think about his parents. Which he starts to hide from Danica later.

If you’re on Facebook, I would totally appreciate it if you give my author’s page a like. I have to start utilizing it more. I’m going to need it when I become a published author. I’ve been sharing a lot of my Wattpad updates there this week and trying to be ore active.

See ya!