Good day to you! Yes, it is a fine day, isn’t it?

Today, I decided to let you know that I finished another story! No, it’s not Pieces of Us. I’m still writing that one, but I have this other short story that I jumped into and finished the other day. I don’t remember ever mentioning this one (actually, I have), but the short story is called Beyond the Pain. Okay, it’s a novelette. But still short and maybe not completely sweet. It is sweet, but it’s also a bit sad.

Another story I’ve been working on is A Call to Love, which I am sure I’ve mentioned. I think . . . Anyway, it was the story I was planning to write in April, but then with the move I lost motivation. I only had one chapter written at the time. I’m now working on chapter ten. Crazy!

So, here is my current Wattpad posting schedule.
This is subject to change.

Sunday – Pieces of Us
Monday – Black & Blues
Tuesday – Beyond the Pain
Wednesday – Need You, See You
Thursday – A Call to Love
Friday – (nothing yet)
Saturday – Need You, See You

There you have it! If I make any changes, I share it again. Hope you all have a great day!