Writing: Fantasy?

Hello lovelies. How are? Well, let me get into it. 

So, I don’t remember ever mentioning that I was going to be writing a fairy-tale re-telling for a box set with some friends. Well, it’s been a slow work in progress over the last few months. It was untitled for a long time. I came up with an appropriate title just a few days ago, and I posted the first chapter to get a feel of it. I got a Wattpad cover to grab attention. And it is Fantasy.

Fantasy is not really something I write. I say this often. But read so much of it that I am starting to see that maybe I can write it. I just need to put my all into it, do the research (which I have been) and just do it.

So, a little about the story. My friends gave me Cinderella to work with. And Cinderella happens to be my strong point. I happen to have two Cinderella-themed books already. What’s one more, right? I’ve taken into consideration some of my favorite Fantasy series as inspiration and to get a feel of how I can build my world. World-building is not a strong point for me either, but I’m trying. That’s what’s important. So, yeah. Lots of Fantasy books that involve Elementals.

This story is actually under my other pen-name, which is E.M. Malcolms. I’m sure I’ve shared this part before. But anyways, this is because it’s not my usual work (contemporary, romance, Christian fiction). E.M. Malcolms likes to branch out. I believe I have (including the recent addition) 4 . . . no, it’s 5 stories with this name. Yeah, but 2 of them is on a different Wattpad account that I hardly use anymore. I’ll share some links for those at the end of this post. And by the time this post is live, I will have added a page for those stories.

So, how about a little synopsis?

Click to read!

Aleia Adams is the average teenager. Or so she thought. Turns out her father is actually an ambassador from another dimension, a place called Anerathia. A world where a prince must protect his betrothed after manifestation. A man lives in exile as punishment for his crimes. And a queen’s soul wanders aimlessly, seeking a host to possess so she might rule her kingdom once more.



Fantasy – Cinderella re-telling with a twist.
Cover Art by: @Emvlia


Well, that’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you will check the new story!


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