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Writing: More of the Danes Brothers

There’s another Danes brother?

Apparently. Because a character in my head started yelling at me!

Character: Did you seriously forget about me?

Me: well, like your brothers, I had no idea you even existed.

Character: Then you’d better figure out a way to tell both my brothers about me.

Me: Alright. But don’t be pushy.

*Character becomes pushy.*

Me: Alright!

So that happened. And now I have an entire new bonus chapter in Need You. It’s the only way to make everything tie together. I have read SEVERAL books with loads of bonus chapters. I’m doing it. I don’t care.

Anyways. There is a third Danes brother. I don’t have details on how he is related to Chad and Dylan yet, but Cooper is their younger half-brother. And that is all I’m going to share for now!


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