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Happy New Year!

Hey every-buggy! Just sharing my Wattpad update.

Hope your having a great start to this new new. I just wanted to drop in and let you know that I will be trying to finish a few of my (incompleted)works in the next few weeks(maybe couple of months). Which means if I put up a new story description, it’s not going to start updating until I have finished the other stories that have been sitting on hold. Hurricane Maria did massive damage to Puerto Rico, which led to me stopping everything. And then I was brought up to stay with family in the States, which led to me taking time to recover, relax and be comfortable again. My focus has not been on my writing (or my blogging) in a while. And since I have no timeline of when i will be going back to PR, I am going to be getting a routine back in motion, to give me a more settled feeling of normal. Once I’ve gotten the hang of it again, you’ll see more activity. Until then, you know where I’ll be! The writing cave!

On an added sidenote, I really have come up with so many new story ideas that I came up with a description (and maybe covers) for. And I would like to share some of those with you.

The first idea I came up with during the 3 weeks after the hurricane, in which I was still in Puerto Rico. I wrote a lot of it on paper(packed it in my suitcase and brought it with me). And it is actually going to be under my other pen-name: E.M. Malcolms. This short story is titled Prince in Disguise, and is actually a spin-off from another story, which I also was writing during those weeks after the hurricane. That story is untitled, because I have not come up with a title yet. But the reason one spins off the other is because a character in the untitled work is the one who “wrote” Prince in Disguise. Though I do need to get back into writing it, I have it ready for me on Wattpad.

Cover by: @VictoriaKaer

If you are a user on Wattpad, add this story to your reading list to be notified when I start posting.



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