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Writing Rant: Ideas Galore


↑↑↑↑ THAT ↑↑↑↑

I know. How dare I. But that’s fine. Because it’s a lot of work to plan and outline 30days to write. I have not recollection of what I was hoping to write in that gap. None. I’m sure I have notes (in Puerto Rico), but I honestly cannot think of what it was.

In any case, this coming year, I have plenty of material to work with.  Like, a truckload. So many ideas, of which I wrote down the moment I thought of them. Speaking of that, I do want to share one idea that I think will be a winner. I think all my ideas are winners. Still.

Oh, before I go into detail about what this story would be about, I FINISHED BLACK & BLUES!!! And I uploaded it to SwoonReads. So, the complete story is there to be read by anyone. Eric is definitely my favorite of all the family members. I feel like he’s grown as a character. That’s what I think. A lot of the comments I have gotten on other works is that my characters don’t progress. But I feel like they do. I feel like they are better towards the end of a story, than where they began.

Anyways, the new idea I have might be titled Little Do You Know, and you can click that link to hear the playlist I have for it. The story, hopefully, can be deciphered by the songs in the playlist, without me giving too much away. It is basically another attempt as a romance between musicians. Heart and Soul was my first attempt, but is starting to collect dust. I don’t want it to, but it will be a while before I gain any sort of momentum with it.

Be alert. I’m going to be sharing some stuff soon!


2 thoughts on “Writing Rant: Ideas Galore”

  1. I’m your 55th follower and it’s so satisfying to see two perfectly same numbers becoming 55 lol i’m weird but the point is,I love your blog!This makes me want to take up the 30 day writing challenge too,and to plan my blogposts better haha<3Lots of love,keep blogging:)


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