↑↑↑↑ THAT ↑↑↑↑

I know. How dare I. But that’s fine. Because it’s a lot of work to plan and outline 30days to write. I have not recollection of what I was hoping to write in that gap. None. I’m sure I have notes (in Puerto Rico), but I honestly cannot think of what it was.

In any case, this coming year, I have plenty of material to work with.  Like, a truckload. So many ideas, of which I wrote down the moment I thought of them. Speaking of that, I do want to share one idea that I think will be a winner. I think all my ideas are winners. Still.

Oh, before I go into detail about what this story would be about, I FINISHED BLACK & BLUES!!! And I uploaded it to SwoonReads. So, the complete story is there to be read by anyone. Eric is definitely my favorite of all the family members. I feel like he’s grown as a character. That’s what I think. A lot of the comments I have gotten on other works is that my characters don’t progress. But I feel like they do. I feel like they are better towards the end of a story, than where they began.

Anyways, the new idea I have might be titled Little Do You Know, and you can click that link to hear the playlist I have for it. The story, hopefully, can be deciphered by the songs in the playlist, without me giving too much away. It is basically another attempt as a romance between musicians. Heart and Soul was my first attempt, but is starting to collect dust. I don’t want it to, but it will be a while before I gain any sort of momentum with it.

Be alert. I’m going to be sharing some stuff soon!