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Yup. It’s finished. Finito.

As always, I have that bittersweet feeling of accomplishment. I’m happy to have finished a story, but a little sad that it ended. BLACK & BLUES took me nearly 3 years to write. I recently learned that sometimes it’s better to not rush a story. I’ve never felt that I’ve rushed to finish writing a novel (not including NaNoWriMo). But at the same time, I don’t know why this story took this long. Black Sunshine and Black Keys took less (still a bit longer than a few months).

You’re probably wondering what my mini rant is about. I have been recently listening to a pad-cast (got hooked on it because of an author I follow). And while these crazy ladies were introducing themselves, one of them made a point I never would have considered before.


There, I’ve said it. I’ve never felt that I was really an author. Aspiring-author, yes. REAL author? NO. Because, like many other amazing hidden writers out there, I thought I had to be published (independent or traditional, or otherwise) to have the privilege of calling myself and AUTHOR. Not until that podcast and darn it, I wish I remembered to write down the title. I listen to quite a few, and sometimes I forget which is which.

Coming story ideas?

Quite a few, of which I’ve gotta put down and not lose them.


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