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Fantasy Friday | Wattpaddian Challenge

ANERATHIAN PRINCESS has 10,000 more words than I was planning. And still rising.

I honestly thought this story wouldn’t be that long. But as I continue writing, I can’t stop where it’s heading. It’s my first REAL attempt at the Fantasy genre. It’s been getting so much love and support on Wattpad. It’s amazing. I never thought I would be good at writing Fantasy . . . I’ve said that before. I know. But I can’t say it enough. It’s an amazing growing experience for me.

I am not rushing to finish this story anymore. I’m letting it build and grow at it’s own pace. I started it nearly a year ago. The plan was to include the story in a Fantasy/Fairytale box-set with some fellow author friends. No idea where that went. It’s fine.


If you’re visiting this post from Wattpad, I have a challenge for you. ANERATHIAN PRINCESS has 1.2k reads, 129 votes, and 100+ comments on Wattpad. With your help, I think we can make those numbers climb. I’m not thinking much of the votes or comments, they’ll come if readers like the story. And they do. So I’m not worried about that.

To participate in this challenge, you must do the following: IF IN RED, IT’S REQUIRED

  • Recommend ANERATHIAN PRINCESS to someone you think might like the story.
  • Give ANERATHIAN PRINCESS a SHOUT-OUT on your social media (a place you talk about your reading/writing) and tag me, along with the Wattpad link for my story.
  • You have to be a user on Wattpad to participate (if you’re not on Wattpad, but want to participate, signing up is FREE)

I don’t want there to be too many ways to do this challenge, so that’s what I’ve got for you. Let’s see how high A.P. can climb!


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