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Making Memories with Marlee (Writing Progress)

Hello there. My name is Marlee Vahlinteen. Hadassah . . . I’m gonna call her Haddie, she prefers it. Haddie asked me to drop in and introduce myself.

active-activity-adult-Photo by from PexelsI’m a photographer. I’m rarely without my cameras. Yes, I have multiple. I wish I could tell you that I’m in that picture*, but sadly, I’m not. I’m actually behind the camera. The people in the photo are my best friend, Nick, and several of his modeling partners. That particular day was a little rough for me, so getting to focus on taking pictures was the perfect distraction.

8957_000-7-15-2014-84569.jpgNick Peters is awesome. I don’t actually remember why he got into modeling, but he’s been doing it since high school. He surprised me by finding the perfect apartment in New York City and claiming me as his roommate. He’d been talking to me about it long before I was going to NYU. I was uncertain about it, but then he decided for me. We’ve been friends a long time, so he knew it would work out. And it’s been great.

superthumbI have another best friend. Ellis Carson. He’s a fellow photographer, though he picked it up after an accident during lacrosse practice.  While Nick very much likes to be in front of the camera, Ellis prefers being behind the scenes. I rarely catch him in a photo, unless he’s taking it with me. He got an awesome job that takes him and his photography around the world. I don’t know exactly where he is right now, but I know I won’t be seeing him for another year.

Picture taken by Ellis Carson

As you can probably tell, I am very visual. I’m currently working on a scrapbook to hold all my memories of the two guys I mentioned above. They mean the world to me. One more than the other at the moment, but I won’t reveal too much. I know for a fact that Haddie hasn’t revealed a lot of this story to anyone yet, and it would be a bit unfair of me to spoil it before she has the chance to show off.

I hope you enjoyed this time with me. I’m really glad Haddie asked me to do this, and not one of the guys. Though I don’t think Ellis would have had time, I know Nick would have taken the chance to spoil EVERYTHING. He’s total goof and I love him to bits, but he’s gotta learn limitations in some stuff. What else did Haddie ask me to say . . .?

If this is something you really liked, be sure to comment below. Haddie loves reading comments and it makes her day. Since I am not Haddie (technically) I’m going to sign off with something a little different than her Bottle of Dreams.

Scrap Banner

*Picture above (feet with bowling balls) is a free image downloaded from RawPixel on – It is an image I thought fit with this post and the character being introduced to you. As for the other images, they are only props. I do not own them nor do I claim to.


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