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Work in Progress: Music is Life

So, I’ve been talking lots about my musicians and rockstars. I said I would talk more about them in the future. It’s the future. So here you go.

I’ve sort of explained a bit about Aaron and Diana, my main characters in Little Do You Know. Aaron’s band, BLOOD ORANGE, consists of four members, including himself. There’s Jax, who plays second guitar. Derek on drums. And Cooper on bass. These guys are very outspoken and loud. Which would be the opposite of me and how I normally portray my characters. I’ve managed to get some extrovert-ism into a few characters in the past, but this will be a further step into the unknown.

I’m sure you’re seen the page for the series by now. And that I’m planning books for the other band members. But that’s not what I’m gonna mention today. I want to bring up Heart and Soul again. And here’s why: There’s going to be a bit of a cross-over.

SPOILER: Monica and Barry are hanging out. Barry will mention his favorite band. He can’t hear, so he’s upset he won’t get to enjoy listening to his favorite music like before. They will be having a concert in Monica and Barry’s town. Monica will get tickets. The band will be BLOOD ORANGE.

That’s the cross-over. And while it’s nothing major in Little Do You Know, it will be a MAJOR event in Heart and Soul. I’ve been writing what I can, when I am able. Monica and Barry are very laid-back and a bit quiet. When they are not playing guitar, that is.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Be sure to leave me some comments. I love reading them. 🙂

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