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Musicians vs. Artists (Writing Progress)

Note from Hadassah: Someone is taking over my blog, again, today. Hopefully, they will not go overboard. 😀

Emmy: Hiya!

Matt: Hello.

Diana: *waves with a smile*

Aaron: Hey! *hugs Diana’s shoulders*

Emmy: Haddie is letting us takeover her blog today. If you’re wondering about the title of this post, it’s because Matt and I are artists. Aaron and Diana are musicians. Aaron is actually the lead guitarist to Blood Orange. It’s really awesome to even be in the same room as him.

Matt: What?

Emmy: Oh, stop it. I still love you more.

Matt: *rolls his eyes, laughing* I just didn’t know you were a fan.

Emmy: You knew, but whatever. We’re getting off track. I want to ask Diana a question.

Diana: Lay it on me.

Emmy: You write all of your songs. Which is your favorite and why?

Diana: Huh, good question. I think Wouldn’t Believe is definitely my favorite. I wrote during a very rough time in my life and it was like my cry for help. I also wrote it in hopes of Aaron possibly seeing it and coming to find me.

Emmy: I think that’s my favorite too. Okay, Aaron. Did you always know you would go into the music industry, or was it unexpected?

Aaron: *blows out cheeks thoughtfully* I sort of always knew. The moment I realized I love playing guitar and writing lyrics, I knew it was my calling. But how Blood Orange was discovered was definitely a bit unexpected.

Emmy: *smiles and turns to Matt* Matt, you’re an artist. I know you’ve been doing it for a long time. But what inspired that desire in you to create art?

Matt: *chuckles* I’m not quite sure, actually. It’s kinda in my blood, I guess. Most of my family were artists.

Emmy: That’s not quite what you told me on our first date.

Matt: *puts finger to lips and makes shushing sound* Spoilers, Emmy. You’re turn.

Diana: Oh, let me. Emmy, why did you decide to become an artist?

Emmy: I had a story that I wanted to turn into a graphic novel, but didn’t know where to begin. I joined an art class, hoping it would help me find my art style, and boom. Artist.

*laughter erupts*

Aaron: Okay, so we have the tendency to laugh for no reason. We’re not even from the same stories.

Diana: I think I know why we laugh so much when we’re together.

Emmy: Why’s that?

Diana: We’ve all had some really tough times. And while we may have laughed a little, it was not genuine because we were all deeply hurting. So, now we laugh because we’re in happier places.

Matt: That makes sense.

*everyone nods while thinking about the statement*

Aaron: Thank you very much joining our very random jargon.

Matt: Yeah, we hope this at least made sense.

Emmy: Haddie would love for you to leave her a comment. It can be about anything.

Diana: Yes, she tries to answer every comment, and she’s loves reading them.

Emmy: And be sure to check out both of our stories. Matt and I are from Hold Your Breath, which is one of Haddie’s newer works. She hopes to start sharing chapters soon.

Aaron: And Diana and I are in Little Do You Know.

*all together* See ya!

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