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The Power of Flower Sisters

Hi everyone! I know it’s been a while. But I’ve got something special for today. I have some housework to finish up, so I’m leaving my laptop (yes, my brand new laptop) in the dependable hands of my new friends, Daisy, and Lily Masterson. Two amazing human beings that have taken over my creative mind.

Daisy: Hi y’all!

Lily: What’s happening people!

Daisy: If it wasn’t obvious; yes, we’re sisters.

Lily: Well, we’re actually twins.

Daisy: We’re actually twins with different fathers.

Lily: But we’re not going into that.

Daisy: We want to just introduce ourselves . . .

Lily: . . . and let you get to know us a little bit.

Daisy: Because in the coming new year . . .

Lily: . . . you’ll be meeting both of us.

Daisy and Lily: And our stories.

Daisy: We know Haddie has got a lot on her creativity plate.

Lily: But getting our stories into her head is propelling her to get current projects written and completed.

Daisy: When Haddie does start writing our stories, you’ll meet ME first.

Lily: Because while Daisy is the younger, she’s got things going a little faster than I do.

Daisy: Okay, yeah. I decided to move away to college, with my boyfriend.

Lily: Who is totally not right for you.

Daisy: Yeah, so you’ve said. But you know what people say?

Lily and Daisy: Love is blind to fault.

Lily: I’m not bitter about my sister leaving me to fend for myself at home. She’s on a different path than me.

Daisy: Almost true. My sister and I will always have similar paths.

Lily: And yes.

Daisy and Lily: We change our hair color all the time.

Lily: Are you able to guess who is who?

Daisy: Most people can’t tell us apart.

Lily: But once you get to know us, it’s easy to make the distinction.

Daisy: This is all we have for you today.

Lily: We are so looking forward to Haddie writing our stories.

Daisy: And sharing more of ourselves with you.

Lily and Daisy: See you soon!

Daisy and Lily

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