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Writing Updates: RomComs & Heartaches

Hello! I know that I do this a lot, but I have to apologize for not maintaining posts as often as I used to. Things are just so busy lately, but it’s all going to dial down for a little while. Onto better things. I’ve got fun news.

MRC promo 2.pngI have plans for a RomCom. Well, multiple RomComs. Because the Flower Power Duet is RomCom. But this new RomCom is going to mix with my favorite trope: Rockstars. I know.

“Haddie, you already have 4.5 rockstars themed books that you promised us.” I know! But the brain NEVER shuts off! But its all good. It’s all chill. This book is going to be very warm and fuzzy, and extremely funny.

“But Haddie! Didn’t you mention something on the NaNo Blog?” ◄ Yes, I did. If you’re following that blog, you know I have the next 4 months (starting in March) pretty much jammed packed. It’s gonna be Novel Writing Month every month until July! *screams frantically*

I’m nuts. But as my sister recently pointed out, I’m the queen of multitasking. So, I’m gonna take this ride while holding on tight!

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