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Writing Updates: tTWDC

Hello, lovelies! I’ve got something pretty special for you today. It’s come to my attention that I haven’t really brought up The Tears We Don’t Cry that much. So, I’ve decided to let the characters introduce themselves. I am also letting them include a picture of their style(s). Let’s jump right in!

236807711.jpgUp first, is Myrtle. –

Hi, I’m Myrtle. My friends call me Turtle, and you can probably understand why. In all honesty, the nickname is Maddox’s fault. He started calling me “Turtle” a few years ago because when I’m upset, I “go into my shell”. He’s one of my best friends, so I forgive him.

I’ve had it rough. I’ve lived in foster care for a large portion of my life. My dad is officially locked up for life. But I’m visiting him and I know he only meant the best for me and my life. My future seems a little uncertain at the moment. But I have my friends, who I consider my family, and that’s more than I can ever ask for. I don’t need very much. Just them. I’m going to pass you along to my co-captain now.

236808170Hi all! I’m Honey, and like Myrtle said, I’m the co-captain. But I can also be a bit of a mama-bear. My two sisters are with me in the home. If anything were to happen to them, I’m not afraid to cause damage. I’m extremely protective over them, and of Myrtle and Andrea.

I’ve got my reasons for my protectiveness. Don’t go getting the wrong idea. I’ve had some past experiences most people wouldn’t believe. I don’t like that I was taken from my Mama, but having Myrtle, Andrea and my sisters with me has made everything go like my name. Honey. Well, almost. I’m still wary of the boys. But more recently, they have been proving to be my allies, not my enemies. I have a whole new perspective of boys and their personalities. I now pass you along to our lovely Cora.

236807940Hola! Soy Andra-Cora . . . Right, English. My first language is Spanish, but I speak English with everyone most of the time. Except for Mateo, since he also speaks Spanish. I am probably closest to Myrtle, because I was in the foster home before the other girls arrived, even though my time is lengthened by a mere six months.

I haven’t been well recently, but the good news is that I will recover. I’ve been receiving many prayers and having my best friends with me through it all has helped me regain my strength. I’ll be taking online classes, which is rather a disappointment because I have really been looking forward to sharing an apartment with Myrtle and Honey. But perhaps God has other plans for me. Here are the twins. ❤

236808479Michelle & Stephie: Hi!

I’m Michelle!

I’m Stephie, short for Stephanie.

Michelle: And like Andrea said . . .

Stephie: We’re the twins.

Michelle: Starting with me, I love to dance. I love listening to music – mostly KPop – a lot of people don’t seem to notice when I’m around. I seem to be at the right place at the right time, and I sometimes hear things people don’t think I did. There are actually quite a few things I’ve heard . . . But I won’t share them unless I am told it’s something I can share.

Stephie: Interesting . . . Well, I’m very similar to Michelle. I mean, we’re twins after all. But there are many differences between us. It just takes the right people to know what those differences are. i.e. Myrtle, Honey, and Andrea. I love them to bits. Back to our lovely author, Haddie.

IG author squares.jpg
Cover: Designs by E. H.

I hope you enjoyed this character takeover. We’ve actually got a few jealous boys wanting to do a takeover, so look out for that in my next post. Thank you so much for stopping by. I appreciate you taking a few minutes of your day to read my blog posts. It means a lot to me.

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