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Updates: All the Books!

In today’s post: Writing progress, book progress (new and WIP), opinions on book length and maybe some other stuff. But this pretty much what I am planning to cover today. Some of these updates were already up in a Wattpad announcement. Let’s get to it!

I know that I’ve tried to write “longer” books, but it just doesn’t work out like that. So you will notice that some of my books have been renamed “novella” instead of “novel” – Not all stories are meant to go further than a certain point. In my . . . 8.5 years of writing, that is something I have learned. Which is why I do not force my writing. I have managed to write some full-length novels over the years, but all the newer books I go to write as “novels” are ending up to be “novellas” because there just isn’t enough of the story to make it longer. But enough of the boring stuff.

“Making Memories” is almost finished, which means I’ll be sharing final chapters soon. It’s not novel-length. More of a medium-length novella. But the good news is that it’ll be complete soon.

“Hold Your Breath” is moving along at a steady pace. I want to share the prologue with you (at least) soon because I could really use some feedback.

“Her Greek Prince” is on hold (even though I haven’t shared any chapters or anything) because I’m trying to figure out which direction it is headed. It’s a little topsy-turvy at the moment, so I’m putting it aside to work on other books.

“Flower Power Duet” – I have the first book almost at 35% written. Or something like that. I’m not keeping a word-count tracker for it.

“A Call to Love” is on hold. “Jake Elliott” (Modern Classics) also. My Russian Fairytale re-tellings . . . definitely on hold. A lot of stories will be on hold until I feel the writing pen taking up inspiration again. All the aforementioned books will be written as I feel inspired to write. Which is a lot more than everything else at the moment. I’m honestly going to do my best to get all these books written. Some might take longer than others, a few might be shelved.  I don’t know.

Anyway, that is what I wanted to say. I’ve got some stuff I need to get done today while my mom and siblings are out at the music academy. Cleaning, watching the little tyrant . . . See ya!

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