Hadassah Harper is a young woman who enjoys listening to music, watching movies, and writing books. Many of her writings reflect her family and friends, her everyday life and/or surroundings, and on occasion, the music from the 90’s and the early 2000s. As if she were not stuck in the past already.

Aside of writing, Hadassah spends her time taking care of her younger brothers and sisters, as well as two dogs. Because she likes to get carried away, Hadassah came up with a method way to keep track of everything she does, which includes all of her online links and/or sites where she can interact with her readers and fellow authors. She can be found on Twitter, Tumblr, Wattpad.com, and you can follow her progress on her several blogs.

Pseudonym/Pen-Name: Hadassah Harper; if I see the need, I will put my real name out there. But for now, I prefer Haddie. I am considering a good many pseudonyms presently, so I will be experimenting them all.

God gave me a talent. He gave me several talents. Writing is one of them, though my dyslexia makes it a bit of a challenge. Sometimes I will see (write or read) something and think it is ‘Hunky Dory’, but then when I got back to read it again, I will see it completely different. But God is good, and I do not let that stop me from using the talent He gave me.

I like to start my stories with an actual pen, the way Emily Bronte and Jane Austen would, back in those days. So, every story I have written is literally WRITTEN on paper and I spend the rest of the time typing it into my computer.

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