Dream Cast; Zvezda (Star) Tales of a Russian Heart


Knyaz’ Daniyel’ is the prince in this story. From day one (really after remembering him in Tristan and Isolde) Henry Cavill has been my peeve. He just screams Daniyel’, and he is so good looking that he will look good with whomever I try to pair him with.
Daniyel’ loves horses. In my prologue, he is given his first foal, which he calls Zvezda (which is Russian for Star).  This takes place right before he meets Estella for the first time.

Estella (in Russia, this name means zvezda, star – hence the new title). I do not have a permanent vision for Estella yet. Every time I go to look for the actress I had, I stumble onto someone else. I’ve been looking at clips of BBC’s Merlin, Sherlock and several other series to see who might stick as Estella. So far, it seems the only one to fit the mold does not exist. However, for the sake of visualization, here are a few actresses that are plausible. Estella is to have dark hair, but the appearance is very close.


Vladimir: Jonathan Rhys Meyers – Vladimir is Daniyel”s older brother. I could not go with the traditional ‘only child’ element. I have so many siblings of my own that I can hardly write about an only child. There is always going to be a sibling or two.
Spoiler Alert: Vladimir is NOT going to become the next tsar, Daniyel’ is. Oh, I know, major shack (note: sarcasm). Much like his character in The Tudors (I only read about it, I did not watch the show), Vladimir spends his time chasing the women. His father will eventually force him to marry, hoping to tame him and see if he be worthy of the crown. WRONG.


Mikahil: Hayden Christensen – Mikhail is Estella’s brother, by 5 1/2 years, to be precise. Their mother died in giving birth to him. Mikhail is quite adventurous, boisterous and rambunctious. However, he has a high respect for Estella, as well as for their stepsisters. Mikhail is the only boy in a household of girls. Daniyel’ will later take Mikhail to the palace, hoping to give him male role-models.
Mikhail looks up to Daniyel’, but secretly. Estella has an inkling about it, but she does not know for certain because Mikhail is constantly changing his attitude towards the prince when she is around.

6d7034e4267eb2d196f7f0fe312d859a Markus Mikhailovich: James Franco – Markus is Daniyel’s cousin. He is not as cocky as Vladimir, but he is quite a ladies man. No sooner does he informally meet Estella for the first time, after hearing Daniyel’ speak of nothing else, he takes a liking to her. Daniyel’ and Markus are very close, practically brothers. That is until Markus oversteps on Daniyel’s affections and tries to make Estella fall for him instead. Of course, Estella can see a rat when she smells one. Her loyalty will never leave the side of Daniyel’.


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