Black & Blues; Dream Cast

‘Black & Blues’ follows Eric, younger brother of Sabrina, one of Jake and Emily’s twin sons.

tumblr_inline_n2jkzt5tyd1swu4zmEric Dominguez is the younger twin, obviously, which is why I chose Jack Harries as a visual. He is . . . well, from what readers can gather in ‘Black Keys’ is that he is quite a tease; however, he is rather sensitive as well.
Okay, Eric is very sensitive and he is extremely loyal, even when Jacks is not so loyal to him. Eric may or may not hold a grudge against his brother, but they will work things out later and regain the brotherly friendship they had, once upon a time.
ba3b9698c93353e483121bb029dbc448Annie Banks (aka Farrah Taylor) is Eric’s potential love interest. This is one character I will not give details about, because she slowly unfolds throughout the book and she is vital to Eric finally getting over his crush on Karissa. Emily Rudd fits Annie the best, but imagine her with red curls and green eyes like this image. (Someone changed the colors.)
Annie is a very fragile character. Eric is going to have quite a challenge getting to know her. She is an invisible mystery. She will be the reason Eric moves on after nearly seven years of pain from a broken heart. Will she let Eric in? Gonna have to wait for me to share the story somewhere. 😉  Annie is actually related to one of the characters in ‘Black Sunshine’, but who?
02-edeani_15jgportraitsJacks Dominguez is portrayed by Finn Harries, but he is not what we expect. He cannot help falling for the girl Eric had a crush on, but once he and brother reconcile about the matter, he will notice that the girl he is about to marry, and have a child with, is not who she has claimed to be. *Spoilers!*

Karissa remains faceless right now. Not really sure how I see her yet. But the moment I know, I will add her to the cast.

We have all of the characters from the other books. We have Sabrina and Gil, who remain the same, except they have kids. The parents, Jake and Emily, are still around, obviously. And . . . yeah.

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