Black Keys; Dream Cast

3499fdb6a302ff4cb42e50375a2cea8dSabrina Dominguez – Kaya Scodelario
Sabrina is Jake and Emily’s daughter. (Spoiler alert, if you have not read the first book.) Sabrina is a spitting image of her father; however, is he her biological-father? She will learn this later in the book. She is nineteen, but she realizes she does not want to continue going to NYU. She will continue studies later, but for now she wants to be with her family again.

Sabrina grew under the influence of her father, her mother, and her best friend/cousin, Gil. Aside of her parents, Gil was someone she went to when she was having a bad day. When Gil left for college, they slowly drifted apart, but not purposefully. Sabrina has alway had a crush on Gil, and she has admitted it to her dad, who thinks there would be no one better to show her the proper ways of a young man who will care for someone like her. She does not go right back to her crush when he comes back after being away for so long, but their teasing, bantering immediately returns, and the bridge of their friendships mends itself.

g187724_bGilbert Solorio – Kevin Zegers
Gil is older than Sabrina by six-seven years. We actually meet him towards the end of ‘Black Sunshine‘. He is the son of Jake’s, brother’s girlfriend/fiancée/wife. (I know, a lot of slashes, but that is because in ‘Black Sunshine‘ they were just starting to date.) Gil was Sabrina’s babysitter, and best friend, leading up to the year he leaves to study at the Julliard School, and is now the youngest piano professor in the school. He loves playing the piano, and it is partially his fault why Sabrina plays as well. When he was learning to play, at age nine and ten, he would sit Sabrina in his lap and play with her. Gil does not recognize Sabrina at first, but when he does, he is impressed at how beautiful she is.

 tumblr_inline_n3zotormtq1re2g2pJake Dominguez- Sebastian Stan
Yes, I know the last name is different, but I (already) explain this in ‘Black Keys’. It is a mere precaution to avoid an encounter with a certain man whom is Sabrina’s biological-father. *Whispers* I told you we might see him again.
Jake loves his Baby Girl, Sabrina. Sabrina goes to him for everything, even boy trouble. They have a special relationship.

elizabeth-olsenEmily Dominguez- Elisabeth Olsen
Emily loves her children and her husband, the man she fell in love with and who showed her she could be a mother. If you read ‘Black Sunshine‘. Emily has yet to tell Sabrina what happened to her and why Sabrina even exists. *fake-coughs* Because of  Josh. She will tell her the story, and Sabrina meets this stranger, but there is nothing that makes the situation awkward, nor is it a life-altering situation. Life goes on like normal.

tumblr_mwzqxiBa4e1scknjyo1_500Eric and Jacks Dominguez – Finn and Jack Harries
Eric and Jacks are three and a half years younger than Sabrina. They are high school soccer stars, with the resemblance of football players, in terms of attitude. They love their sister and they are fairly close to her. I do not remember which twin I made older. Sabrina likes to refer to them as the ‘knuckleheads’, but she loves them and she would never trade them for anyone else. (Eric is going to have his own story to tell, but more on that another time.) There is only one way to tell the twins apart (in the book), and that is an earring. Jacks wears and earring in his left ear. Eric pierces both his ears at one point, but takes them out after Gil tells him it is not worth changing who he is for a girl who doesn’t look his way.


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