Black Sunshine

‘Black Sunshine’ is a novel I began to write after ‘Nothing Between Us’ was complete. One of the characters, Jake, is someone I wrote into ‘Nothing Between Us’ and decided to bring his story to life. I actually have two covers (which I am rotating) on Wattpad. A special thanks to Baneen121 and Toobigofadreamer.

Baneen121 - 1.jpg
Cover by Baneen121

Jacob’s family has left him for dead. He has no one. That is, until Emily comes to help him turn his life around. It is hard for Jacob to let people in, but when he is with Emily, he feels complete. Emily is not just the girl next door. She is the girl who knows when she is needed. What happens when it is Jake’s turn to take care of Emily? Emily and Jake are just two people looking for healing. Toobigofadreamer 1

Toobigofadreamer 2
Cover(s) by Toobigofadreamer

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