Hearts of Gold

heart of gold sticker.pngThe Hearts of Gold companion novels are a small collection-like (kind of series-ish) of novels that consist of a good number of stories. Each story is different; however, there are connections in each of them that link them to another book in the collection. In fact, only a few of them actually jump from one character to another in another story. For instance, a couple of the novels link together because the story is about a brother/sister or a child of a character in the last book. However, none of them are actual “sequels”. They just link and connect.

Though I did not write them in this order, and though they count as stand-alones, they go in this order: Some of these titles have not been mentioned anywhere else yet. I’ve also included the names of the characters, according to the perspective the story is told in. Not all the characters are mentioned. (I will also [eventually] link each book to an individual page with the blurb, etc.)

Scarred Hearts – Michael Reynolds
Pictures of You – Ebony Zaveri and Merick Balin
Seeking Shelter (Novella) – Ella Emerson (likely to change)
Hearts of Gold (Novel mentioned in Seeking Shelter) – David Smith and Donna Davis
Escaping Reality (Novella) – Kari Johnson
Worth Waiting For  – Candace Samuels
Her Jasper – Emerald Harper and Jasper Lee (Emerald is Kari’s daughter)
His Rose – Daniel Carter and Rosemary Lee (Rosemary is Jasper’s little sister)
The Heart’s Desire – Kyle Harper and Aria McKnight (Kyle is Emerald’s brother)
I Knew that I Loved You – Finn Daniels and Ivory Lancastor (Ivory is Ebony’s friend)
Infinity and Beyond – Jessa Hawkins and Donovan Carson
First Time, Last Time –  Derek M. Cohen and Emma H. Elliot

heart of gold sticker