Pictures of You

3Ebony Zaveri met Merick when she had moved to Princeton, New Jersey. He liked to walk on the wild side, but she knew there was more to him than he was letting on. Growing up with him made life a roller coaster. Merick brought out Ebony’s fun side. Raised in a Christian home, she would share her beliefs with Merick, and he would listen.

Merick Balin has one goal in life: Prove to his parents that he can be the man they raised. Not only did he accept Christ into his life, but also he was no longer the trouble-making teenager he once was. The only friend he was ever allowed was Ebony Zaveri, and even she was not allowed to be around him. Merick had known Ebony since middle school. She is his best friend, and the only one who had not gone running when everyone else did.

Feelings are aroused and the pair begin to see each other for more than best friends. Can the two keep their friendship intact when troubles come their way?  Can Merick and Ebony trust God for a solution?

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