The Tales of a Russian Heart Series


The Tales of a Russian Heart (I won’t change it anymore! HAHAHA! 😀 ) This is my Russian Fairy-Tale re-tellings series. In order, as I wrote them as well. (I will also [eventually] link each book to an individual page with the blurb, etc.)

Zvezda; Star  (Book 1) – Cinderella
Tsvetok; Flower  (Book 2) – Sleeping Beauty
Otravlen Yabloko; Poisoned Apple (Book 3) – Snow White
Bezuslonyy; Unconditional (Book 4) – Beauty and the Beast
Gordyy Drozd; Proud Thrush (Book 5) – King Thrushbeard
Krasnaya Shaochka; Red Hood (Book 6) – Little Red Riding Hood
TITLE COMING SOON (Book 7) – Undecided