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Fantasy Friday | Wattpaddian Challenge

ANERATHIAN PRINCESS has 10,000 more words than I was planning. And still rising. Continue reading “Fantasy Friday | Wattpaddian Challenge”



Yup. It’s finished. Finito. Continue reading “MINI AUTHOR RANT”

Writing: Typing ‘The End’.

Seriously. How did I get to this point so quickly? I mean, I feel like I’ve only just begun. Continue reading “Writing: Typing ‘The End’.”


As you might tell, I’m bright-eyed and bushy-tailed . . . Continue reading “Writing: PIECES NOVELLAS”

Writing: Crazy Idea! [CONTAINS SPOILERS]

Hey lovely peeps! I know its been a while, but I have semi-good reason. But enough of that.  [FAIR WARNING: This post will contain a few spoilers for the stories I will mention]

Continue reading “Writing: Crazy Idea! [CONTAINS SPOILERS]”

Author’s Rant: Facebook Page

Heey everyone. So, I’ve know that I would have to do this at some point. As an author and a book blogger, I will need to keep those two things separate. I figured Haddie’s Haven could work for both, but this morning I realized it won’t do. Author’s posts would be lost in the book blog madness I always have going on and I now feel confident enough to admin more than one page. So . . . Please visit my new author’s page Hadassah Harper, give it a like. I would really appreciate it. I look forward to seeing you there!

Writer’s Rant: I am moving.

Hello lovelies! I hope you’re all good. In my last post I mentioned the possibility of moving. Well, that possibility became reality. Continue reading “Writer’s Rant: I am moving.”

Writing: Having Multiple Options

Hello! It’s Sunday again. I’ve got a something on the brain, and I gotta get it out. Bear with me. Continue reading “Writing: Having Multiple Options”

Author’s Rant: Something old, something new, and something that needs cleaning.

It’s a new week. And can you believe how quickly this month went by? Too quickly, if you ask me. Let’s get this going.  Continue reading “Author’s Rant: Something old, something new, and something that needs cleaning.”

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