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Seeking Shelter

Author’s Rant:

Hello everyone! It is Sunday and I am finally finished with a truck-loads worth of blog posts for Haddie’s Haven, all of which go live this week. Link is there if you wish to check those out. Let’s get this going. I’ve got a bit I want to talk about today. Continue reading “Author’s Rant:”


What is my Plan B?

Well, I’ll tell you! Continue reading “What is my Plan B?”

Writing: Prequels, Sequels and Short Stories

As if the title of this post were not evidence enough. 😀  Continue reading “Writing: Prequels, Sequels and Short Stories”

Writing a Sequel?

I came up with an idea for later this year.  Continue reading “Writing a Sequel?”

Rise of the Old Writings

On one of my writing blogs (Haddie’s Haven 2.0; Read to Write) I reiterated a piece of advice I heard from another  author. I can most definitely confirm the theory to be true.  Continue reading “Rise of the Old Writings”

So much for waiting until July . . .

Okay, technically I am still waiting until July to move further with this novel idea, but I needed to thank the cover artist on Wattpad somehow. So I posted the summary.  Continue reading “So much for waiting until July . . .”

Writing: Everything but what I should be working on.

It is a new month! Camp NaNoWriMo ended with a fantastic bang and I have been trying to get back into the books I was working on before deciding to participate in the challenge.  Continue reading “Writing: Everything but what I should be working on.”

Writing: Keeping to a Schedule?

I stink at keeping to a writing schedule. I work best when it is flowing automatically. Which means, Writer’s Block is of no help at all. Continue reading “Writing: Keeping to a Schedule?”

Writing: Rearrangements

I was looking at my outlines the other day and I’ve got some fixing to do. Continue reading “Writing: Rearrangements”

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