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Updates: All the Books!

In today’s post: Writing progress, book progress (new and WIP), opinions on book length and maybe some other stuff. But this pretty much what I am planning to cover today. Some of these updates were already up in a Wattpad announcement. Let’s get to it! Continue reading “Updates: All the Books!”

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Work in Progress: Re-Branding

Something came to my attention over the last few days. I gotta change the titles of some books. 3.5 to be exact. If you’re a welcomed stalker, you’ll probably have guessed which books they are. If not, here’s the load-down.

Continue reading “Work in Progress: Re-Branding”

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Writer’s Rant (1): The ‘B’ Series

Seriously, when you don’t know what series title works best for your books, you tend to do some crazy things. For instance, if all your titles include the word ‘Black’, there is a possibility you will have to call the series something with the word ‘black’. Continue reading “Writer’s Rant (1): The ‘B’ Series”