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Author’s Rant: Facebook Page

Heey everyone. So, I’ve know that I would have to do this at some point. As an author and a book blogger, I will need to keep those two things separate. I figured Haddie’s Haven could work for both, but this morning I realized it won’t do. Author’s posts would be lost in the book blog madness I always have going on and I now feel confident enough to admin more than one page. So . . . Please visit my new author’s page Hadassah Harper, give it a like. I would really appreciate it. I look forward to seeing you there!


Writing: What to do when you don’t know what to do.

Hey everyone! This is starting to become a good habit, yes? New posts every few days, like I used to. We’re getting there.  Continue reading “Writing: What to do when you don’t know what to do.”

Author’s Rant:

Hello everyone! It is Sunday and I am finally finished with a truck-loads worth of blog posts for Haddie’s Haven, all of which go live this week. Link is there if you wish to check those out. Let’s get this going. I’ve got a bit I want to talk about today. Continue reading “Author’s Rant:”

Author Rant: Things I do while playing the waiting game.

If you guys remember my last post, you know that I had sent the manuscript of my novel Pieces of Me, to Limitless Publishing. They replied 8 days after my first submission asking for the complete manuscript. About a week to ten days later, I got a rejection letter.  Continue reading “Author Rant: Things I do while playing the waiting game.”

Writing: When they get interested . . .

They ask you to send the rest of the story. Continue reading “Writing: When they get interested . . .”

Writing: ‘Strike that. Reverse it.’

Hey all! So . . . Yeah, strike what I said in my last update and open your minds to what I am about to say next. Continue reading “Writing: ‘Strike that. Reverse it.’”

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