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Author’s Rant:

Hello everyone! It is Sunday and I am finally finished with a truck-loads worth of blog posts for Haddie’s Haven, all of which go live this week. Link is there if you wish to check those out. Let’s get this going. I’ve got a bit I want to talk about today. Continue reading “Author’s Rant:”


Writing: What’s next?

BtP 1.png Continue reading “Writing: What’s next?”

Writing: Tsvetok – And other updates.

Hey everyone! Yeah, I know. I’ve been slacking a bit in the updating my site. But truth be told: there was not much to tell. But now I am going to give you the load down on what I have been up to and fill you in on what you already know. Continue reading “Writing: Tsvetok – And other updates.”

Writing: Remaining focused, among other things . . .

So, I am sure by now everyone has heard about the island-wide blackout in Puerto Rico. I won’t be talking about that. Continue reading “Writing: Remaining focused, among other things . . .”

What is my Plan B?

Well, I’ll tell you! Continue reading “What is my Plan B?”

Time for Plan B

Romeo’s Sneakers was not selected. Back to the drawing board. Continue reading “Time for Plan B”

Author’s Rant (2)

I am about to rant. Like a lot. I mentioned along the way that I uploaded a manuscript to – The morning has been going great . . . until this morning’s email notifications. Continue reading “Author’s Rant (2)”

KindleScout: When you fail, get up and try again

So . . . Around a week and a half ago, I submitted ‘Nothing Between Us’ to Amazon Kindle Scout, to try to set up a publishing campaign. However, my manuscript was not quite 100% up to par in the requirements. So, I am going to fix it and try again. Continue reading “KindleScout: When you fail, get up and try again”

Writing: Prequels, Sequels and Short Stories

As if the title of this post were not evidence enough. 😀  Continue reading “Writing: Prequels, Sequels and Short Stories”

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