Dream Cast: Black Sunshine

tumblr_n129twMuGp1s01fsdo1_500.jpgMy main characters start with Jake Clemons. I mentioned some time ago that I was seeing Asa Butterfield as a lead character, and here he is.
Jake has side effects to some medications he is taking. These side effects include: depression and anxiety disorder, hallucinations (but not frequent) nose bleeds and migraines. Jake does not actually have these disorders. He did have a minor depression disorder, but it became more intense when his parents chose to hand him over to the shrinks.
tumblr_inline_n3zotormtq1re2g2pI have an older version of Jake in mind, after deciding the next novel I am writing is the sequel. So, I give you Sebastian Stan, the older version of Jake. We will see more of him later on in life.

brittrobertson__140505223226.jpgEmily Jenkins has been Jake’s neighbor for as long as she can remember. I see Britt Robertson as Emily, but this is mainly because she is so tiny and Jake is supposed to be much taller than she is.
Emily is very kind, genuine, bubbly and talkative, and always looking to help where she can. She knows quite a bit about Jake’s disorders, but she does not care. Emily knows that Jake has been in and out of the hospital for as long as they can remember, and she wishes she had made more of an effort to be his friend when they were younger. No, she does not see ‘now’ as a way to fix the past, but as an opportunity to help Jake see his full worth.
elizabeth-olsenWe have an older version of Jake, so here is who I see as the older version of Emily. Elizabeth Olsen is the perfect older version of Emily, and not just because she plays Scarlet Witch along side Bucky in The Avengers. She just screams Emily.

There are more characters who come into play, but I am only going to stick with one more for now.
366097-_sy540_Josh is someone who checks in on Jake at work, since they work together in the same restaurant (which happens to be where this novel begins, because Jake is the guy Bella catches looking at her, in ‘Nothing Between Us‘). Now, Jake does not see Josh as a full on bro, he is just glad to know someone checks on him. However, we have to watch out for him. Josh is supposed to be blond with massively green eyes, and he surfs.
I believe this guy is Dave Franco, but he fits the role pretty well, since I do not have a dead-set decision on Josh’s appearance. We will see him a few times in the story, but he will be forgotten once the ‘big-bang’ takes place. Spoiler alert: we will catch him again in the sequel.


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