Dream Cast: Scarred Hearts

Scarred Hearts is a novel close to my heart. Not only is it one of the first “romance” novels I’ve ever written (and completed), but I based some of the characters on people I know personally. Here is my dream cast! I have also decided to include the trailer I made, once upon a time.


Michael Reynalds: Harry Treadaway – From the very beginning, I can remember having such a crush on this guy. So much to the extent of making him a character in most of my writing. However, we can safely say that I only see him as Michael now.

Michael is a mix of a few people that I have crossed paths with. He is a gentleman, extremely humble, dedicated to his relationship in Christ, as well as very giving. One of the things he dedicates to doing is making his girl feel like the queen she is.

dia-frampton-dia-frampton-22896749-398-600 Leyda Kelly: Dia Frampton – First off, I borrowed the name Leyda from a friend of my family’s, but Leyda is a book version of me. Not everything mentioned in the novel is me, just specific points stand out that are exactly how I am in real life.

I did add some details to make the plot interesting.


There are other characters in this story, but I feel that the two main characters are what matter for now. I will add later.


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