Dream Cast: When Push Comes to Shove

This is just one of my ideas sitting on the shelf, so I will not give too much away yet.

14193d84d8bfc13df02607f12114d363Douglas Booth as Jasper Starr.
Jasper Starr is supposed to be English-born, but lives in the U.S. and when I first started this story, I could only see Douglas Booth fit his description.

Though this is not a romance, technically, there is the possible love-interest.
Dia Frampton as Jade R. Gold and Karla R. Gold (twin sisters).
Jade is appointed as Jasper’s personal assistant, and it is her twin sister who will cause a wreckage in Jasper’s life.

Later, Jade will be one of the few people to help Jasper get back on his feet.


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