Heart and Soul: Dream Cast

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Heart and Soul is a novel I had attempted to write during NaNoWriMo 2015. My dream cast for this novel came before my dream cast for Hearts of Gold. But yes, they are the same.

grant-gustin-comic-con-portraits-by-maarten-de-boer_4Grant Gustin as Barry Allan.
No, this is NOT a fan-fiction. I called him this during my Flash phase, but never intended it to be a fan-fiction. Barry is, however, a major comic book junkie, and the reason for his name is explained in the novel.
After a horrible accident, Barry loses his ability to hear. This does cause some difficulties, but he will have the problem resolved at some point. But this does not stop his guitar playing, because he is brilliant, even when he cannot hear what he plays.

tumblr_m9xrult2ij1r640kko1_500Lucy Hale as Monica Dawson.
I love Lucy Hale. She is a major role model and I love how down to earth she is, which is why she is perfect for almost all my dream casts. 😉
Monica was born mute, and she is rather shy, but she is a killer guitarist. This is one of the things that brings these two characters together.

I would totally ship Grant and Lucy in real life.


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