Her Greek Prince

her greek prince 2019“When you miss me, look at the stars. . .”

Athena Montero’s father is a military man. Which means, the family moves around a lot. Just when she thought they had found their permanent home, they move again. This time, they’re moving to Greece. Not loving the islands just for her name’s sake, Athena finds that this could actually be the closest to home she’s ever felt. And even more so when she meets eighteen year-old Kostas.

Kostas Zanes is not like other boys. Even more so because of his royal position. As a Greek prince, he is required to portray a certain etiquette. But when he meets Athena, all the rules are flung out the window. At first, he keeps his royalty a secret. He decides “testing the waters” is the way to find out if Athena would like him for him, and not the crown.

As time passes, the two become very close. Best friends and maybe more. But when Athena’s father catches wind of their budding romance, he makes it absolutely clear to Kostas that if he ever goes near Athena again, there will be major consequences. Athena doesn’t know why her family is suddenly moving around more often than ever before. But it won’t be forever, and Kostas is NEVER going to stop chasing her until he has her again.